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Webinars - yay or nay?

After hearing about web conferences in PR last week I started doing some research, and maybe I’m a little behind with this, but I was amazed to learn that some universities are now broadcasting their seminars and lectures through webcams which you can watch right from the comfort of your lovely warm bed!

Now don’t get me wrong… it would be brilliant not having to get up at 8am and  dragging yourself to your 9am lecture (which you’re probably just going to fall asleep in anyway). BUT, let’s be honest.. having the option to watch your lecture in bed isn’t going to make it any better, you’ll just end up putting snooze on every 5 minutes until you realise you’ve missed half of your lecture, and what’s the point in watching the rest?

On the odd occasion it might even improve attendance, especially if it’s after a night out - doesn’t take much effort to grab your laptop and it even gives you an excuse to stay in bed!

I’m undecided as to whether Lincoln should jump on the bandwagon…it’ll be great for my social life, but so so bad for my degree!

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